What problems do clients usually face?

Problem1 : Suppliers’ unstable quality sacks. If the defect rate of bags is high, the production schedule will be disturbed and production cost will be inefficient.

Problem2 : Suppliers’ uncertain estimated time of arrival. The production line will stop operating due to a lack of sacks, or even the estimated time of delivery will be postponed.
Problem3 : Requirement of special specification: Every client requires different specification of packages, but sometimes the needed one is not available in the market.
Problem4 : New suppliers penetrate the market in an inexpensive way. Some suppliers offer low price when penetrating the market, but use inferior material to manufacture the follow-up products. Or they intend to offer a price with asymmetric information, and deliver the seeming but rough products. We guarantee that our quality of our products and services is always consistent.
Problem5 : Demand of diversified sorts of sacks: Procurement representatives have to spend much time on looking for many suppliers, knowing delivery progress and maintaining the relationship with suppliers.


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