FIBC Aluminum Liner Bag
The inner material inside the FIBC Aluminum Liner Jumbo Bag is highly insulated; its damp-proofing function
is maximized with vacuum pumping equipment.The FIBC Aluminum Liner Bag’s applications are wide.
It can be used with outside package such as FIBC bags, bulk bags, corrugated carton, shipping container, etc.,
during packaging, transportation, storage, and loading to extended effects.
The FIBC Aluminum Liner Jumbo Bag is suitable as a filing material for packaging to prevent nylon,
plastic resin, chemical, and other raw materials from damping.


  • Type A
  • Type B
Moisture-proof、Vacuum-packed、Capacity up to 1000 KG
FIBC、Bulk Bag、Corrugated Box、Container &Bins…etc
Nylon、Plastic Resin、Chemical materials…etc.