Kraft Paper Bag

Kraft Paper Woven Sack (Bag)  comprises multi-layer, and each layer can be diversely collocated with different sorts of material qualities. Unbleached Kraft Paper or Bleached Kraft Paper is available, or combine kraft paper bags with HDPE Fabric and PP Fabric through lamination to strengthen the lord of sacks. Thus, Kraft Paper Woven Bag can be widely used for heavy packages, including Plastic Resins, Rubber Resins, Milk Powder, Flour, etc.

  • Multi-layer Kraft Paper Sack (Bag) 
  • HDPE Laminated Kraft Paper Sack (Bag) 
  • PP Laminated Kraft Paper Sack (Bag)
61~127 cm
35~63 cm
Up to 6 colors
Over Tape / Tape stitched
Face and back antiskid treated to prevent movement at 30° slide angle.
Plastic Resins Bag, Rubber Resins Bag, Milk Powder Bag, Flour Bag…etc.
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