BOPP Woven Bag

BOPP woven sacks (bags), a transparent BOPP film printed in photo quality is laminated onto the PP fabric, are attractive packages in retail stores today. BOPP woven bag combines the durability of PP fabric with clear and vibrant presentation of printed BOPP film. With this production process, BOPP woven bag is stronger, vibrant, highly qualified, leak-proof and completely recyclable. It is suitable for the high-end products which need smart packages, such as Pets Food Bag, Fertilizer Bag, Chemicals Bag, etc.

  • One side laminated BOPP Sack (Bag) 
  • Both sides laminated BOPP Sack (Bag)
61~127 cm
35~63 cm
Up to 6 coloers
Easy-Open / Fold stitched
Pets Food Bag, Fertilizer Bag, Chemicals Bag…etc.
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